Europe: Sleep, See, Do

Following hundreds of hours of research, several furrowed brows, a lot of Google Maps time and just a few... debates... we proudly present a thorough guide to Europe, as seen through the eyes of two 20-something music, history, motorbike and food loving tourists adventurers. Who surprising still loved camping at the end of it all.


Great Expectations - The plans we had for Athlone and what we thought it would be like before we got there
There's No Turning Back Now - Not actually about Ireland, but about leaving home
Loss and Gains: A Tale of Transit - 3 days of travel from one side of the world to the other
When Age is Beauty - The time warp effect of being from a 200 year old country and landing in a really old town
Visiting Athlone - Things to see and do in this little town
If Anything Could Ruin Ireland It's This - Dealing with Jetlag
Penny and Courtney Present: The Novelties of Athlone - The weird things that are only weird because they're not like home
Wild Wild West - Visiting Galway and the Cliffs of Moher
The First of Many Goodbye's - Leaving our first home away from home

Expect the Unexpected - The plans we had for Dublin and what we thought we would find
First Impressions of Dublin
Recommendations vs. Reputations - Exploring the attractions of Dublin
It Should Have Been Obvious - Finding the Irish spirit in the big city
What to See and Do in Dublin


Kings Cross, London 
The Streets of London - The plans we had and what we thought we would find when we arrived
Be Careful What You Wish For - Falling in love with London
The Worst Hostel I've Ever Stayed In - Journey's Kings Cross welcomes us to London
The Underground is Awesome - Our love affair with public transport
Sometimes It's the Little Things - Feeding squirrels in Hyde Park
The Comforts of Home - Things we miss already
What to See and Do in London


For Whom the Bell Tolls - Our plans for Beauvoir and what we thought we would find when we got there
This is Why We're Here - Our first big ride

The French Have a Reputation - They're not so rude after all

Paris When it Sizzles - See what we planned for Paris and what we expected - before we got there
Tomorrow is a New Day - Navigating Paris in 40 degree Celsius heat with no GPS
Red Red Wine - What we had planned for Bordeaux and what we expected to find
This is Our Job! - The ride from Paris to Bordeaux through Chateaudun and Tours
Bordeaux is the Friendliest Place on Earth - Lovely people making our experiences better

See what we were looking forward to in Cormatin here!
Going Back in Time - An unplanned stop over in Carcassonne enroute to Cormatin
Going Solar - Powering our gadgets with new toys
Cooking with Gas - Making the move to tent-side cooking
Aqueducts, Alps and Silence - Getting to Cormatin the long way round
Like Bonnie and Clyde - Being bad ass in the middle of nowhere
The Medieval Town of Brancion - Misadventures in tiny villages
Creepy Crawlies in my Tent - Getting in touch with nature
Switzerland for the Day -Visiting CERN, the largest Nuclear Physics laboratory in the world
Playing Games - Finding things to do in the rain
Copying the Older Kids - Things New Zealand adopts from other countries


San Sebastian and Pamplona (San Fermin/Running of the Bulls)
Beaches and Bulls - Our pre-arrival plans and expectations
Hola Espana - Arriving in San Sebastian
Like Nothing You've Ever Experienced - The Opening Ceremony of San Fermin/Running of the Bulls
New Photos
Sometimes we Get Lost - The downsides to travelling
Running of the Bulls
What to See and Do in San Sebastian
Crossing Spain - The two day trip from West to East. Mountains, desert, ruins and hospitality.

Benicassim (FiberFIB) 
Roll Away Your Stone - What we thought we would find, before we got there
Arriving at Benicassim - Insanity and heat
We Hate it Here - The first town we haven't liked
Escaping the Insanity - Day trip to Valencia and BioParc zoo
Benicassim is Growing on me - Making the most of it
Eating in Spain - Travelling as an apparently fussy eater
Boredom Strikes - It's possible to have too many lazy beach days
Summer Singalongs - Reminiscing on Summers past
Aquariums, Portishead and Moving On - Back to Valencia and winding up FiberFIB
What to See and Do in Benicassim

No Expectations - What we thought we might try in Barcelona, before we got there
Ecstasy and Lightening - Arriving in Barcelona
Five Weeks Down - Summing up the trip so far
Vlogging and Conquering Barcelona - Las Ramblas and Barri Gotic
Hunting for Lizards - Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell
Narrow Alleys - Old Town Barcelona
What to See and Do in Barcelona
Missing my Furs - Pet withdrawal
Riding through the Pyrenees - An epic ride post-Barcelona


It's Supposed to be Summer - Camping in miserable weather
Purple Haze - Amsterdam's 'Coffee' Culture
Europe's Oldest Zoo - Artis
Cigars and Bananas - Checking out the Red Light District
The Sun is Shining - The difference good weather makes to your mood
Anne Frank Huis - Self explanatory


Wacken - See what we're holding our breath for in Wacken!
Arriving at Wacken - New life experiences
Surprises Good and Bad - Finding awesome new acts and being disappointed by superstars
Legends at our Fingertips - Getting close to the musicians we admire
Moshpit Fever - Getting sick while travelling
The Answer to World Peace is Heavy Metal - Enough said.
Mission: Prague - Stopping in Dresden, Germany on our way to Prague from Wacken

Schlotheim (Party San) -
Check out what we had planned for Schlotheim here!
Going to the Extreme - Trying to fit in with the Metal Elite
Building a Bridge - Taking charge of a bad attitude
Good Food Makes Everything Better - Finding distractions in Schnitzel
Playing Marco Polo - Trying to find each other without cellphones

Munich is Awesome and That's All There is to it - The night we fell in love with a city

Czech Republic

Fairytales up close - Seeing big cities from a whole different perspective


See what we wanted to do in Venice here!
ITALY! - Riding through the Dolomite Ranges
The Best Day of our Trip so Far - Exploring Venice

Sorrento and Amalfi Coast 
See what we were dreaming of in Sorrento here!
Santorini to Sorrento in a Three Day Blur - Ferries and Riding from the Greek Islands to Italy
Living Like Movie Stars - Exploring the Amalfi Coast
Italian Butterflies Don't Know They are Italian - Communication and Dreaming
Exploring the Island of Capri - Following in the footsteps of the rich and famous
Sticking it to Vesuvius - Exploring Pompei
Lazy Summer Days - Late starts and late afternoons in Positano
Almost Ready for Home - Homesick in Sorrento

Figline Valdarno (Chianti, Tuscany) - Check out our plans for Figline Valdarno here!


Cruising on the Ferry to Greece - A little taste of public transport luxury
Dirty and Dusty - First impressions of Greece
A Collision of Two Cities - Seeing history in Athens
The Best View in the World - Mount Lykabettus

The World's Best Sunset - Watching the sun fall asleep in Oia
The Grinch That Stole Snorkelling - Perissa Beach and money woes with KiwiBank
What Better Place to Conquer Your Struggles - Santorini in One Day tour around Santorini, Therassia, Oia and the Volcano
A Side of the Volcano we Haven't Seen - Snorkelling the lava formations