Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Bliss List Challenge

I started writing for myself a couple of weeks ago, as a way of recording my upcoming OE with my boyfriend Courtney and the planning going into it. As I imagined long days in Chianti and long nights in Thira I thought of a list I have carried with me for years, a list of everything that makes me blissfully happy. I thought how often on our OE Im likely to experience my favourite things in life. Then I wondered why the hell Im not experiencing them now. So I decided that every day, I would do one thing on my list. This is now not only a record of everything leading up to my OE and the adventures we will have, but the adventure of making La Dolce Vita - The Sweet Life.

Here is the Bliss List (subject to regular updates!) -

Catching Z's, Seeing the world, The first sip of a cold beer, MUSIC, Tatts n Piercings,Dying my hair, Band Paraphernalia, Glam Rock, Reading, Barefeet, Green Grass, Elvis, my Inner Circle, Singing in the Car, Dancing, Causing Trouble, Playing Guitar, Soul Buddies, Miniskirts, Trees, Dreaming, Good Food, Gardening, Pilates, Long Drives, Animal Rights, Chirping Crickets, Nail Art, My Pets, Sex Drugs n Rock n Roll, Cooking, Audrey Hepburn, Moschino Perfume, Slash, Fresh Fruit and Vege Markets, Random Acts of Kindness, Boys with Long Hair, Motorbikes on Open Roads, Mexican Food, Grace Kelly, Britney Spears, BBQs, Strawberries, High G's, Entertaining, Musicals.