Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Snowball Effect

I know this blog is supposed to be inspirational, but I also want it to be honest. I am doing my best this year to be positive, happy, and to make the most of every day. I think some days just have to be off-days, and today is one of them.

It started off okay, I caught up on the TV shows I had recorded throughout the week, and when Courts got up we had scrambled eggs and I had some watermelon too. Since then, my food intake has gone downhill. I haven't cheated, let's get that out there! I remain sugar free. But the food I've eaten hasn't been great.

This morning after Courts went to work I did the mountain of dishes, I checked the blog, and I prepped myself for the day. I finally took all the decorations down off the Christmas tree (don't judge me). I jumped in the car to go and do the theory test for my Motorcycle Learners License but I was half an hour too late. I did the grocery shopping and some washing. I intended today to bake something to give away as a Random Act of Kindness this week, since RAOK's are on the Bliss List. I attempted to make sugar free Brownies but I think the recipe had incorrect quantities listed and it did not work out. I attempted to make Mushroom Soup and again it didn't quite work as planned.

Its silly though because I had a great morning with good food, and I had an hour or so home alone where I got to turn the stereo up and sing at the top of my voice, one of my favourite things to do. I'm going to put some of my slump down to my sluggish morning in front of the TV. I'm going to put some of it down to the rain and fog that is blanketing my house. I'm going to put a lot of it down to my own attitude letting one thing snowball into another.

I guess this blog is good for me in that without you all listening to me, I would have a responsibility to no one, and I could stay miserable. But because I have chosen to make my blog about positivity and new adventures, I feel a responsibility to you all to follow through on what I preach.  So I will pick myself up, I will wash all of the horrible sugar free brownie mix down with some clean cold water, and I will enjoy my night with good friends and my Long Haired Boy, who just got home from work soaking wet and cold but is still happy enough to be singing in the shower.

I will publish this so that you all know what I'm thinking and so that I can be held to my resolution not to let a bad day turn into a bad night! Thanks for being my inspiration, friends and strangers alike.