Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Got A Feeling...

Mumra PlaylistGetting ready for Blondie's birthday bash tonight! Make up done, hair done (More on that tomorrow), now its time to get in the mood! (Because being sugar-free, I can no longer rely on margaritas to do it for me)

I'm joining the bandwagon (haha band, get it? No. Read on) on Mumra's page and giving y'all a playlist. This one is my Super Awesome Party Mood Inducing, Sing-along Starting, Booty Shaking Playlist. SAPMISASBSP for short.

First, I am addicted to Britbrits new one. Two reasons - the break down in the middle makes me want to shake it, and I love the way she says 'hazy'. Auto-tune FTW in this case.

Next up, I'm going with Glambert, because he is HOT and those screams go right through me... one thing is for sure, this boy can SING.

Hmmmm what next... OK well obviously there has to be some Slash. This time, I'm going with Ghost, because that is what they were starting their set with when I saw him last year and I love the feeling of excitement and anticipation it gives me because of the memories. Baby Can't Drive feat. Alice Cooper and Nicole Scherzinger (I take no responsibility for spell check) is also awesome.

Mixing it up... need some Beyonce! Love Freakum Dress but it needs to be more of a sing-a-long so I'm going with Radio, it was a hard choice! This song is purely for jumping around and getting the energy up.

Sticking along the same lines, I want Rihanna next. Breakin Dishes is where its at!

After two girly songs I'm craving Rock. Actually, no. Two girly songs in a row requires detox. I'll be nice and ease you into it. I LOVE Marilyn Manson but I'll give you Christina Aguilera's take on Beautiful People as well. You choose!

Now you're warmed up, I'm checking in on the new Sixx AM track 'Lies of the Beautiful People' (see what I did there?) because I LOVE everything they do. Check this video man! Its stunning. STUNNING.

Lastly, NOTHING is better for getting ready for a good time than George freakn Thorogood. Nuff said.

Loving it. Absolutely LOVING it. Time to gooooo!

PS I totally didn't watch all these videos, I was iTunes-ing. Fingers crossed they're all good quality, let me know if they're not!


Anonymous said...

I hate to say it, but slash did not work.

Penny said...

Thank you! He should be fixed now :)

MUMRA said...

Love it what a mixture!

Thanks for joining in the Playlists, i'll be setting up some themes in the forth coming ones so feel free to join in again.

Really enjoyed listening to your choices. x

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