Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Pieces Fall Into Place...

1st of Feb. You know what that means? ONE MONTH SUGAR FREE!

Since New Years, this is the sugar I have eaten -
  • 1 Welshcake cookie
  • 2 Hersheys Kisses
  • 4 Ferrero Rocher
  • 1/2 a Creme Brulee
...and low and behold I'm having a need-sugar day today! My first in about a week though, I've just realised. I managed to stay away even from milk or any of my normal substitutes until 1.30pm and now I'm drinking half-half hot water and hot milk, because the vending machine was whispering sweet nothings in my ear and it was either milk or chocolate!

In the last month, I have had headaches, digestion issues, light headedness and mood swings. It has been nowhere near as bad as last time I gave up sugar, when I also had split lips, split skin on my fingers, major break outs and full body aches, not to mention 3 periods in 6 weeks. To balance that though, once the worst passed, I have slept better, been more positive, more patient and more motivated. I feel generally lighter and healthier, and much happier.

As promised last night, I attempted a new recipe but alas it did NOT work out. Yoghurt is not a good sugar substitute FYI! Gluggy muffins - still edible but not shareable. That's my measurement of success - would I be happy sharing these with my friends? This time, a definite no! Hahaha oh well, next time!

Tonight I have a couple of nail appointments to do, so not much time for Bliss... I'm going to try and spend half an hour reading though because that is something I love and can do easily. In the meantime, I scanned in our current itinerary for Europe! Everything in pen is definite and everything in pencil is still changeable. The numbers at the bottom of each square represent riding hours, the toll charge for that day, kilometres to cover, and petrol cost for the day (petrol is above km) - all the estimated information is from ViaMichelin, a ridiculously awesome tool for planning travel all over the world.

I think you need to click on the picture below to see it full size and readable - please excuse spelling mistakes (I have no idea why I wrote the Whitesnake concert in as 'whitesnack' but I only noticed it post scan!)