Friday, March 4, 2011

We're in Double Digits!
It's Friday and that means its Europe update day! We're in DOUBLE DIGITS BABY! 98 days to go!

I'm in Aussie at the moment for the Soundwave Festival, but I'll tell you all about my trip next week (Yay Slash!)

At the moment, all of Europe is about making sure we have enough money. We're backpackers, we're doing it tight! Most of our money is going on booking accommodation and sights (so we don't miss out and because we can qualify for discounts this way) and so our savings are minimal. It's seriously scary! We are very reliant on selling our stuff to make up the last of the money we will need, and there's a chance it won't be enough.

We are staying positive though. I'm taking on as many nail jobs as I can, I'm going to look for some writing work, and we will keep doing overtime at work. The hard yards will be so worth it when we get there.
This week, we booked our camping spot in Cherbourg. Its pretty much our last spot, we're there for 2 nights/1 day before we drop the bike back in Bournemouth and head back to London for a couple days before flying home. We arrive in Cherbourg after a very full day of riding - and it will be Courts birthday. Poor boy has to do a full days ride on his birthday so the next day we have nothing to do but enjoy Cherbourg and each other and celebrate not only the end of our big adventure but Courts turning 26 as well. You have to look at the photos of this place, it looks amazing.

We also booked 2 nights just outside Venice. The campground doesn't take bookings but when I checked cabin prices it was a euro cheaper to have a cabin with 2 single beds that it was to camp with your own tent. So I'm not sure what the catch is but we have a cabin and we are walking distance from a 30 minute ferry into the heart of Venice. I've been told you don't need much time in Venice. Hopefully this rings true because we don't have much!
Lastly, we booked the London Hostel for our last 2 nights in Europe. Not quite as exciting because we will have already been there, but I booked a hostel in Greenwich Village which is a cool. A bit out of the way, but we will get to see a different side and we will get to stand on the Mean Time line which is the kind of lame touristy tackiness that I love!

We still have to figure out accommodation in Barcelona, Chalon-en-Champagne, Santorini, Sorrento, Rome, Castaldo, and Nice. We have found campsites in all places but booking them is not always as easy as it could be! Hopefully next week I will have more news for you, in the meantime if you have ever been, or know anyone that as been where we're going, especially if they camped, send them my way with some tips!


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Aw, thank you! Very much :)

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