Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bliss, Anyone?

I'm still failing at being Blissful. It shouldn't be this hard to be happy, right? Not that I'm unhappy per say, but my days are so busy, they're not being filled with my favourite things. Let's recap.

Monday I write 'gardening' in my book. Although there's not much point starting a garden at a rental house we won't be in for much longer, I thought maybe I'd go and find a nice plant or something and plant it into a nice pot. I love being in the garden or at the very least having lots of plants around me both outside and within my home. It didn't happen though, and to be honest I have no idea what I did on Monday after work. Not much, probably.

Cold Beer

This one I did achieve - kind of. My older sister and her family moved down south to Queenstown this week, a 2 hour flight away from us, and so Courtney and I met her at the Horse and Trap to say goodbye. It was nice being in a pub atmosphere, and Courtney had a beer, but I stuck with water and my share of a bowl of wedges. It was awesome spending time with her and I miss her and her partner and sons already!

High G's

As in, the musical note. This has a back story - I'll tell you whole story this week sometime - but basically, I just wanted to sing. I don't really like singing at home though when their are people around because I always feel like I'm annoying them. I don't sing quietly - I can't! So I try to keep it down when there are others at home. Even with Courtney I don't like to sing so much because then he makes a fuss over it and I hate fussing! Anyway, I didn't have a solo moment on Wednesday, so it didn't happen. I want to get back into lessons and singing in public when we get back from Europe though so I will have my chance.

Well, I had wanted to eat food cooked on the BBQ but instead, I put the BBQ itself on Trade Me. Not quite the same thing right?


I felt like cooking something challenging and amazing, Julie and Julia-style. Instead, I had a nail client - at least it was the lovely Miss Nails to keep me company. I shall take this opportunity to wish my dear friend a ridiculously awesome birthday on Monday. I love you and I hope we are in each others lives forever and a day. Cooking can wait.

Dancing and Causing Trouble Good Food and Markets

You guessed it, didn't happen. I used to sing and dance around the house while I did the house work. Now I'm never home alone and our house isn't big enough to put music on away from the bedrooms like our last house was. I thought I would make plans to go out with the girls but then the ever present Nana in me reared her ugly head and I stayed home. I am boring. Sigh.

On the other hand, we did go our weekly breakfast date to the farmers markets and that was bliss. Great food, awesome atmosphere and wonderful company. Definitely the highlight of my week.

Sunday Roast/Entertaining

We used to have a tradition in my house of having Sunday Roast every weekend. It was open door and anyone could turn up. They knew that the more people that turned up, the less food there would be to go around, but we never went without. They also knew that no matter who turned up, it would be a good night. We created our own little family. We could rely on each other and love each other and never have to say it out loud, we just knew. We had the guitars out most nights, we played and we sang. We went through a phase of watching Iron Chef America every week and we would often start the night with the highlights of WWE.
I sometimes felt like Mumma Duck, cooking away amongst steam and splatter, people coming into the kitchen for a chat and more often to see when dinner would be ready. I loved every second of it. As I served everything onto the table and called the troops to eat, I loved watching them fight over the best bits and settle in on bean bags and chairs and couches and floor space, chattering away. It's exactly how I want my home to be when I have children, an open door, a place of solace, somewhere our friends and my children's friends can trust will always be there.

Unfortunately, we had to stop doing it while we save for Europe. I wanted to do a one-off repeat but Courts doesn't really like not knowing who will show up and not having his Sunday evening to himself. That's OK, it's not for everyone, there were nights when I wished I could go to bed early but knew someone would show up for dinner. 90% of the time though, it was my weekly bliss with my handmade family. I'll miss them while we're away.