Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bliss Continued!

Friday: Long Drives

Hot on the heels of our weekend in Napier, Courts, his sister and I drove down to Whangamata with Toby to meet up with Squish, Lobster, Monty, Nurse B, Wozz and two of Monty's friends Jimothy and Debs for our annual post-cricket-season weekend away. Monty and Jimothy were the only actual cricketers but that didn't mean we couldn't bask in the glory of their season! Friday night we all drove down after work and after a slight detour (read: I missed the turn off and no one will let me forget it) we arrived at Monty's uncles bach around 10pm. This bach is amazing, sleeping a huge number of people and boasting a three car garage and a room specifically designed for a projector screen.

The first Friday of our annual weekend away is usually a little alcoholic and this was no exception. Wozz had tequila and I doubled my count for 'Alcoholic drinks in 2011' with tequila shots alone, never mind the bottle of wine (Moscato, of course) I added to it. I thought my tolerance would be a lot worse than it was after 3 months of not drinking but I didn't do too badly and I had barely a hangover the next day.


One of the best days I have had in a long long time. I woke up early (thank you body clock) and cleaned up the mess from the night before while chatting with Debs about our European plans. As others slowly rose, Jimothy started the barbeque and we were soon stuffing ourselves with a feast of bacon and eggs. Monty and Jimothy meandered off for a round of golf and the rest of us headed down to the beach. The water was freezing but the weather was beautiful and warm. Only four were brave enough to venture into the water, and that's if you include Toby. Even though he is terrified of waves he ran into the breakers at full speed and had the time of his life!

Everything is going to be OK :)
We walked the length of the beach to the inlet used by boats and then wandered up the main road. I decided to fore go sugar-free for the weekend and shared a huge chicken burger with Courts followed by Feijoa Crumble and then an Ice Cream all to myself. Go hard or go home I say! The sugar high wasn't unmanageable but I spent a good hour or so sleeping off the resulting crash. Once the golfers had found their way home we bought a smorgasboard of munchies at the supermarket and Jimothy once again took skillful control of the barbeque. The night was much quieter than the previous as we ascended to the movie room to play Wii on the projector and several of us dozed off in our respective corners.


Sunday started much the same way as Saturday, clearing up from the previous nights barbequed bananas and ice cream. This time it was Nurse B's turn to wow us with buttermilk pancakes, stewed apple, blueberries and maple-cinnamon butter which was amazing. The only bad thing about the pancakes was that there weren't more! After breakfast I took Courtney's sister for a driving lesson around the quiet roads of the town, the first chance she had to drive her new car.

My entire week was summed up for me by a singular comment by Wozz as we all sat out on the deck together - "We need to sit around a table eating cheese and talking crap more often". It's true, and I'm going to try and make it happen.