Sunday, May 15, 2011

Are you Living Your Dream Life? Part Four: Lauren

Who are you and what is your life like now?

I'm Lauren, writer of the blog you're about to read. I started the blogging thing because I have a bunch of free time and it's a great creative outlet. My non-blog life is actually a disaster zone right now. My college degree is in TV/Video production which I love but have had a hard time pursuing as a career. I found myself a graphic design type job but it's overnights and I hate it. I hate the overnight part, not the job itself. I decided to leave that job to pursue... anything. Just can't do the overnight thing anymore because personal relationships are so much more important to me than any crappy (under paid) job at a crappy company. Currently seeking new employment anywhere that will have me and will pay me enough to not be homeless.

What would you do all day, week or year if you were living your dream life?
Not to rip off Office Space or anything but I would love to do nothing. I know I would eventually get bored of that, so really my dream job would be to a part of Conan O'Brien's production crew. That sounds a bit stalkery but I love him and I don't care who knows it.

What would your job be?
I would most like to be part of the pre-production process as some sort of producer or something but I would also love being one of the camera people if it paid enough.

Why would it make you happy?
I would be around and a part of something I already love all day, every day.

So what's stopping you?

Other than everything? Well, I'd have to move to CA which I'm not crazy about. And I wouldn't know how to go about getting in contact with anyone involved with the show. And no, there isn't any information about it on the website.

Thanks so much Lauren for contributing to the Dream Life series! 

If you would like to participate, I'd love to have you on board. Use the Contact Me tab to email me your answers to the Dream Life questions. I'll reply to get your photos and let you know when you will be published. All I ask in return is that you link back to Dancing in Barefeet on the day you appear.

Are you living your Dream Life?