Friday, May 27, 2011

Roll Away Your Stone - Benicassim, Spain

Where we will sleep

At the campgrounds of the FiberFIB festival (Campsite)
How long? 7 nights
How much? Free!
Check in? Anytime. We'll be aiming to arrive at 2pm, have just trekked 6 hours cross country from San Sebastian.
Check out? Anytime. We're off to Barcelona, 3 hours away so we'll probably pack up around 8am and try and make it to Barcelona by noon.
Why we chose it? It came free with our festival tickets!

What we want to see

Festival Internacional de Benicassim aka FiberFIB - 4 nights of music, 8 nights of camping and all on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. Pop, rock and dance music bring people together from all over the world. This year it is headlined by Arcade Fire, Arctic Monkeys, Mumford and Sons, Portishead and The Strokes.

Tarragona - a small town between Benicassim and Barcelona, with ancient roman ruins right on the white sandy beaches. Within Tarragona I would like to see -  
Castell del Rei - €2.20 each
Roman Circus - €2.20 each, Opening Hours 9am-9pm Tue-Sat
Roman Amphitheatre - €2.20 each
Roman Forum - €2.20 each
Platja del Miracle beach

Valencia - It's only an hour away, after all.

What we are expecting

So Benicassim and the FiberFIB festival in particular are more things I’ve been drawn to forever and therefore need to do. The stupid thing is, there are tons of other festivals in Europe with much better line ups. FiberFIB is very popular, it’s just that a lot of the bands that are playing haven’t made it big in NZ. I still need to go, regardless of the line up.

I’m kind of excited about the opportunity to actually discover new music, and I am really looking forward to seeing Portishead and Arcade Fire. I have no idea what to expect from the festival in general, I’ve never been to a multi-day festival before, just one-day festivals like Big Day Out and Soundwave. So it will be a complete learning curve, compounded by the fact that Courtney isn’t interested in this music at all. In a way I feel like I need to make sure he has fun, which sucks. I know that he is independent and that he knows how important this festival is to me. He won’t do anything to ruin my experience. But yet I still feel responsible for his enjoyment of the week. Hopefully the days spent on the beautiful beaches (and the topless beach-goers) will help me out on this one.