Sunday, June 5, 2011

Are you Living Your Dream Life? Part Seven: Katie

Who are you and what is your life like now?

My name is Katie, and I’m a former fatty working to lose half my body weight. In July of 2010, I decided once and for all it was time to stop messing around and get serious. So, I started watching what I ate, started exercising (because I chose to not because the remote was on the table across the room so I had to get up and walk over there to get it!), started my blog Finding the Thin Within to hold myself accountable and eventually started seeing results.

Through my journey I have learned so much about myself, grown and really started molding what my “dream life” would look like. Currently, I wake up, work, workout, blog, watch a tiny bit of TV and head to bed. Sometimes I change up the order a bit (you know, for giggles) but that is mostly what my life consists of. On the weekends I usually spend time with my husband doing things we don’t have time to do during the week like eating out or going to the bookstore (yes we are THOSE types who spend hours in the bookstore!)

What would you do all day, week or year if you were living your dream life?

Well, if I were living my dream life I can tell you that all the things I was doing before would STILL be a part of my life, but there would be a few changes – my JOB would be different (that will be addressed in the next question…patience friends, patience!) and there would be a beach in the backdrop of the rest of my activities! I would probably also have more time for working out because that would be a part of my job! (there, you get a hint!)

What would your job be?

You must be dying to know what my dream job is, especially after all the teasing I’ve done! Well I’ll tell you. My dream job is to be a motivational speaker, helping people find the motivation and information needed to make positive changes in their lives: could be to get healthy, to find THEIR dream job, to buy a house, to pay down debt – anything! That’s what I want my message to be, that the sky’s the limit and we are capable of SO MUCH MORE than we know. Goals can be powerful things, and I want to show people (through my personal story) that determination and perseverance will see you through whatever you want to accomplish in this life!

Recently I became certified to instruct Zumba Fitness, and I also want this new love to be incorporated into my future career. I’m already teaching 4 classes a week, but my ultimate goal would be to eventually open my own studio and offer Zumba classes plus several other classes to the peeps who come in!

Why would it make you happy?

I have known since childhood that I wanted to make a difference in this world. I wanted to leave Earth a better place than I found it, no matter how small my impact is. I just happened to take me 20 more years of growing up to figure out how I could actually do that. I think this is my chance! Although I want to help people start living healthy lives, I also think the principles of my weight-loss journey can be applied to MANY areas of life. So people with ANY goal can hear my story and be inspired to work on making those positive changes in their lives.

So what's stopping you?

Currently there are only a few things stopping me. I’m still working on losing weight, and I will really start promoting myself as a speaker around the time I have lost 100 pounds. My ultimate goal is to lose 130ish pounds, but I feel that when people hear someone has lost 100 pounds they’ll be interested in what I have to say!

As far as the Zumba is concerned, I’m already teaching classes several nights a week and saving money to make the studio a reality. I would likely want to wait until we relocate to the BEACH to open the studio, but you never know what life’s gonna toss at you, so we’ll see! So I guess the answer to this is that 40 more pounds stands in my way currently, but don’t worry, it will be gone before you know it! I WILL make this dream life a reality, and for the first time in my life I can say that with absolute confidence.

In addition to her blog, Finding the Thin Within, Katie can also be found on facebook and twitter.

Thanks so much Katie for contributing to the Dream Life series! 

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Are you living your Dream Life?