Sunday, June 19, 2011

Are you Living Your Dream Life? Part Nine: Jessica

Who are you and what is your life like now?

I’m Jess, a 22 year old, I study full time, I work 1.5 jobs, and I have a serious boyfriend and some seriously amazing friends (family included). My life right now is probably not as bad as I think, but it seems pretty hectic. I have classes Monday to Friday for my Bachelor of Hospitality Management majoring in Event Management. In my long four hour breaks between classes I work in a Call Centre, then in the evening (how often depends on how busy we are) I work at a theatre/conference centre as a Food and Beverage Supervisor. Most days I’m on the go from 6am till 11pm… does that seem hectic to anyone else?

On top of this all, I have the Uni assignments to complete and exams to study for… can I please have three more days in the week? Oh, and not to mention seeing my friends and family and paying attention to my two gorgeous cats… who crave more attention than babies!

What would you do all day, week or year if you were living your dream life?

Not working would be the easy answer, but it’s the boring answer…I would get way too bored! I’ve done it for two months before and that was too much! So maybe, having the ability to have a week off whenever I wanted would be great, but having something to keep me busy would be essential. Seeing as I just mentioned I’m studying hospitality and events you may have gathered this is what I want to do in life… correct.

So, right now, I would have to say…

Dream job - Event manager for my own company (it would have to be super popular and successful) and working from home or an awesome office on the North Shore or Auckland City. Doing amazing music events (my main interest at the moment) and any other fun event that came our way.

Dream living situation – A new, modern house with the boyf (with all my own furniture!), right next to all my best mates and family… like our own little community.

Dream money – Right now I rarely pay my bills (apart from rent) on time, only have a big food shop once every couple of months and don’t have any emergency money or savings… this way of living sucks! So, dream money would be a lot of it….I don’t care about the amount… I just don’t want debt, I want a nice car with a full tank of gas (and one for boyf), I want food in the pantry, I want a glass of wine with the girls when I want to, I want taxi money so I can dance/drink the night away, I want dinner out at a nice restaurant whenever I feel the need, I want my cats to be able to go to the vet when they need to, I want to go to the doctor when I’m sick, I want my appendix out! (Another story; another time maybe?), I want clothes that match the season I’m in. I’m assuming all of this would add up to millions… but I don’t necessarily want to be a millionaire…like I said, I just want things taken care of so I can work, love, play and laugh.

Dream health – Minus the six broken wrists I had when I was smaller… this has all happened in the last 5 years… I’ve had two laparoscopic surgeries to remove ovarian cysts (so many internal examinations because of this, I can’t tell you a number… I would guess 40), I’ve had a trip the hospital for bruised ribs (guys should not kick girls in the stomach!), I’ve had a colonoscopy and gastroscopy to investigate bowel and stomach problems and I’ve had a near miss with my appendix (yes, I should have got it removed but I couldn’t miss Penny’s 21st party) and one extra week in hospital with about 10 blood tests and lures (I don’t do needles!), two ultra sounds, a CT scan and no results found (I don’t have cancer, yay!). Four hospital visits in the first three months of 2011 by the way! So what you might have gathered that I’m trying to say… I want to be healthy (I’m sick of being sick)… or just know what is causing these issues (seeing as I wasn’t diagnosed with anything in March I’m still in pain nearly every day). 

So what's stopping you?

Nothing is really stopping me from all of the above… I’m just being ‘held up’ by obstacles… they’re obstacles because I know I will achieve all of the above one day.

My dream job (not my own company, but working towards Event Management) is definitely in the near future (even sooner than I think if I get some luck my way very soon)… but in the industry the obstacle I have to face is my experience… I know I can do it, but people need proof, especially because I’m only 22.

My dream living situation won’t happen until I’m earning enough money to pay a lot of rent for the brand new, modern house I crave. But I will be living with the boyf in the near future, which makes me all giggly inside, and lets me breathe a sigh of relief… no ‘who’s house do you want to stay at’ every night, more time spent with my gorgeous kitties, everything will be perfectly set in its place and I don’t have to clean or try and ignore other people’s messes!

My dream money situation won’t happen this year at least (unless I win lotto?), but I will be super happy and satisfied when I’m earning enough money for a nice house for me and the boyf, lots of food and bills being paid on time.

As for the dream health situation… this is the one thing I don’t think will actually ever happen… because of all the issues and tests I’ve already had (once again, yay no cancer or serious illnesses!) there’s not much else to do but wait… wait for my appendix to burst and find out that was the cause? Wait for an alien to burst out of my stomach and admit to inflicting all this unwanted pain? Wait for another ovarian cyst then eventually not be able to have kids?

I can handle not becoming a millionaire or living in a penthouse suite until I’m much older but the one thing I can’t handle is this pain… too much fast walking at work when we’re busy and I’m bent over grabbing my stomach with tears in my eyes, having to stop half way through sex because the pain is too much (scar tissue maybe?), it’s all not normal and should f*** off.

In conclusion, after all this babbling…I guess, right now, my dream life would be $5.00 in my bank account to buy a coffee when I get tired at work this afternoon and no pain… is that too much to ask for? Am I selfish for asking for no pain when I’m still so much better off than others?

Thanks so much Jessica for contributing to the Dream Life series! 

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Are you living your Dream Life?