Monday, June 27, 2011

The Comforts of Home

We’re only just over 2 weeks into the trip but there are a couple of things we wish we had with us. You already know how much I miss my furbabies, if I could travel with them I would. We also really miss having our own couch and TV to come home to after a day out.

There are no particular shows we want to watch, but we’ve been leaving the hostel around 10am and getting home after 10pm. If we go to our hostel room we have to go to sleep, because there’s no light and everyone else is in bed, but we just want half an hour between getting home and going to bed where we can sit and wind down. We’re both really looking forward to getting our tent set up in France just so we have our own home base with no one elses dirty laundry on the floor.

It’s not much to miss, and I haven’t been homesick at all. I miss my furs, and I miss my friends. And most of all, on my Mum’s birthday, I miss my Mum and my sister. On a day to day basis, there are no triggers to make me miss them. If I see something they would like, I take a photo or it passes by. Mum’s birthday came and went while we were sleeping and with no internet at the hostel I couldn’t wish her a Happy Birthday. When we got to a café with free Wi-Fi, there were Facebook updates from Mum, my sister and Mum’s best friend mentioning the birthday celebrations and that’s when it’s hard to be the one that’s not there.

We sent a parcel home (Oh my goodness never plan on sending things home from England it’s crazy expensive) and contacted her before her birthday but it’s just not the same. As we head onto the next leg of our journey, including getting the bike, the trip gets more and more exciting for us and time passes quickly. We think often of home but don’t often wish we were there instead. Occasionally though, there’s that little pang and something makes you think of what you’re missing.

I think that’s the beauty of travelling like this. We experience new things every day, some good, some bad. Some show us how far behind our little country is but many remind us what amazing things (and people and furs) we have waiting at home for us in September. Whereas I left being glad to stir the pot a bit, get out of my job of 4 years and out of an adventure-rut and into the big bad world, and while I’m definitely not sick of travelling or anything like that, I can’t wait to get home.

What travel-triggers make you miss home?

Oh, and HAPPY BITHDAY MUM!!!! Love you and miss you heaps xxxxxx

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