Friday, July 8, 2011

Hola Espana!

Hola Espana!

The landscape changes from French to Spanish just as quickly as we pass through the toll booth to get there. It’s crazy how quickly, instantly, you can see the change. We navigate through crazy busy streets, the city is coloured differently, its smells different. We wind through the city and then the coast opens up and it’s a beach travel brochures survive on.

There are people everywhere, the white sand stretches for miles, mountains either side. The smaller of the two mountains is crowned by a Rio-style statue of Christ. The larger of the two mountains is where we’re staying, high up, through the winding roads.

We’re staying on the top of the world. The atmosphere is such that there is no horizon, the sky and sea fade into each other and there is no land in sight save for ours.

We bus back down the mountain and wander the streets and soak in Spain. Courtney finds out he’s at his first topless beach and for the first time I let myself buy new clothes. We wander the beach side, people watching, staring at fish and wharf-jumpers. We find a seat at a restaurant high above the sand, overlooking all of San Sebastian.

It’s only 7pm, too early for dinner, everyone eats at 10pm. We have the best bacon sandwich in the world and a jug of Sangria. Just as Ireland did the best Guiness and Bordeaux the best wine, this is the best Sangria in the world.

Spain is good.