Friday, July 22, 2011

What to See and Do in Benicassim

What to See

The Beach – It’s awesome. It’s huge so you can usually find a spot that suits you. It’s varied too – there are areas of white sand, areas of pebbles, rougher water, calmer water, and manmade lines of rocks that jut out every few hundred metres that you can fish off. There are awesome facilities – you can hire cushioned beach chairs and permanent shade stands, 2 chairs and a stand for 12 Euro a day – an entire day. You can hire paddle boats that have water slides on them for 15 Euro an hour and there is no shortage of beachside shops to sell you inflatables and beach wear at crazy cheap prices (Lilos 4 Euro, towels 4 Euro, Boardshorts 7 Euro). There are heaps of food outlets overlooking the beach and even more across the road, everything from 3 Euro hamburgers and hotdogs to expensive restaurant meals. There’s also a supermarket across the road.

Valencia – It’s an hour away but if you’re that close, it’s worth a visit. We got combo tickets for the Hop-on Hop-off tour which is normally 15 Euro each and BioParc which is normally around 21 Euro each and paid a grand total of 52 Euro for the both of us. Considering the discount, I’d say both are definitely worth the money. We went back to Valencia for Oceanographique, the Aquarium, and already knew where it was and what was there thanks to the tour, so over the 2 days we spent there, we saw a decent amount of the city and got to see two awesome attractions, both of which were the best of their kind we had ever been to.

What not to see

I’m pretty sure by now you know my opinion on FiberFIB and whether it’s the sort of thing you would enjoy or not. So in other news –

Nothing. If you have a hotel room and a good book, all you need is the beach. We got bored because we didn’t have books or music or anything to do when we got out of the water, but it still took us 4 days to get bored.

What I’d do Differently

In all seriousness, I would have gone to Madrid, which we cut out of our itinerary for more time in San Sebastian (which was worth it). Slash played there at the Sonisphere festival which had way better bands than FiberFIB, and we would have got to see the Capital City as well. I could have also happily spent the week in Valencia. But none of this happened so in terms of Benicassim –

Get a Hotel – When you spend all day at the beach, it’s really nice to go back to a real bed and some home comforts. If I did it all again, I’d save enough to splurge on a room.

Take a Book – We don’t have room to carry books around and never thought much about how badly we would want them until we were here. I have a few audiobooks I’m working my way through (they aren’t quite the same as lying down with a good book but they’re good enough) and Courtney is slowly and painfully trying to download and set up an EBook reader on the phone using what little wifi we can get our hands on.

Go to Aquarama – There’s a waterpark near the festival venue that we never got round to visiting, but we could see the massive hydroslides and hear the screams, so we’d give it a go.

Penelope_nz's Benicassim, Spain photoset Penelope_nz's Benicassim, Spain photoset