Thursday, August 18, 2011

Good Food Makes Everything Better

Day two of Party San had a very slow start for us. I woke at 7.30am, on the early side of normal for me, and kind of sat up like ‘what now?’. There isn’t much to do here before the gates open – a bar outside the gates, a shuttle to the supermarket, and that’s about it. The laptop battery was dead, the phone battery on its way out, the solar panel already empty of charge, and Courts snoozing away happily. Of course many campers are hungover so an early start is not necessarily something that needs to be catered for in general!

I ate breakfast, drank a cold Nesquik (our beloved Billy is out of gas and we haven’t been able to find gas since Amsterdam) and then used up the last of the battery charge playing backgammon. When Courts woke up he had his own breakfast and then at the ripe old hour of 9.30am we had a three hour nap. I think I must still be getting rid of the flu bug because I can’t usually nap or sleep in no matter how hard I try.

When we woke up at 11.30am the supermarket shuttle had started up so we made our way into the village, bypassing the supermarket to explore the streets. We had pizza and sneakily charged the phone and laptop at a little restaurant, vowing to return the next day after spotting some of the other meals leaving the kitchen. German food is the best comfort food in the world. When we get home and it’s raining or I’m sick, I want schnitzel, fried potatoes and chunky mushroom gravy.

When we got back, Courts watched Skeletonwitch, who we saw at Wacken, while I ate chocolate and blogged in the tent. We had plans to meet up half an hour later which didn’t get off to a great start when I waited until 15 minutes after we were supposed to meet and then found Courts drinking beer with the Facebook girl. Some boys never learn!

Courts got dinner – half a roast chicken for 3.50 – and ate that while we watched Primordial, who were really good. I got a crepe in the break between bands and ate it watching Melechesh. I hadn’t realized how cold it was when I left the insulation of the tent so when I finished eating I got a massive 4 Euro Doner Kebab and went back to warm up and get my jumper. Courts meanwhile watched Belphegor with a friend from home. She had been at Wacken as well but we didn’t know she would be here until Courts ran into her.

The highlight of the night was Ensiferum, one of Courts favourite bands and a huge part of the reason we got tickets to PartySan. We watched with the friend from home and her travel buddy, and despite the set being cut short by time restraints it was a really good show while it was on. I don’t know if it’s the sort of music I’d listen to at home but on stage I could happily watch them for hours.

As the set ended the heavens opened up and everyone ran for shelter. Courts wasn’t interested in staying to see the nights headliner, Morbid Angel, in the rain. He saw them at Wacken so decided the tent was a better option and we fell asleep with the sound of rain on the tent drowning out any sound from the stage.