Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Like Bonnie and Clyde

Of course, on our first day in the country, with nowhere to hide, it rained. At first there was just a drizzle and we ventured out to the nearest town, Cluny, to go grocery shopping. While in the supermarket, the drizzle turned to proper rain, and so the ride home with backpack and jackets stuffed full of food was less than enjoyable.

However, once safely in the tent, relishing in all the goodies we had brought home for lunch, the day was not lost. With the beautiful little power socket above the fridge safe from thieves and weather, our laptop was, for the first time in a very long time, fully charged, and we lay in the tent and watched a movie we got way back in Dublin.

Forced to do nothing, we relaxed. We played solitaire and read ebooks and made hot chocolate and coffee and dipped cookies and occasionally ran the distance to the toilet block (maybe the furthest corner of the field wasn’t the best idea afterall).

Knowing full well the supermarket, one of only two shops open on a Monday and the only one we knew the location of, closed at 7.30pm, we decided to go back at 7.10pm. We weren’t sure how much gas was left in old Billy so we rode back and got a few extra things we hadn’t been able to carry on the bike earlier, like beer for Courtney.

We went through the checkout after a very impatient shelf-stacker told us in French they were closing now, and it wasn’t until we got to the bike that we realized the new gas canister was tucked safely into the helmet we had used as a shopping basket. Oops. With the doors shut behind us, we had no choice but to make our way home. Sorry Intermarche, we didn’t mean to! We didn’t dare attempt to return the next day because with the language barrier in our way of explanation, we may have got in more trouble than the 1.70 was worth.

So our first day in the countryside was less than eventful, until the very end when we became Bonnie and Clyde, small town-style.

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