Friday, February 18, 2011

I Have Tickets to DISNEYLAND!

The childhood dream to end all childhood dreams, we have tickets to Disneyland! Disneyland Paris that is. When I travelled through the states a few years ago I had big plans of going to Disneyland in LA but LA was my last stop and not only was I running out of cash but I had some money stolen from my Hostel in Vegas as well. In the end I couldn't afford to go so I made it a priority to book tickets in advance this time. No excuses!

Is it just me or should Disney characters have American accents? Imagining Snow White saying Bonjour doesn't quite work for me. Never mind, bring it on!

We have also booked in to a few more campgrounds. Our first stop in Spain is San Sebastian, where we will be staying at Camping Igueldo. San Sebastian is an hour or so away from Pamplona, which is the town that the Running of the Bulls is held in. We were planning on staying closer to Pamplona for the festival, and then heading across country to Javea, a beach town between Valencia and Alicante. As much as I would love to see those places, I also wanted to simplify the trip and limit the number of stops we had, so instead we are staying in San Sebastian for a whole week. San Sebastian is not only close to Pamplona but it has beaches, mountains and city all in one and looks amazing.

We also have accommodation in Bordeaux at Le Village du Lac and in Athens at Kokkino Limanaki. We're not even half way in terms of getting all of our accommodation sorted, but more and more is getting ticked off, it's very exciting.

Its important that we book everything we need to as far in advance as possible, to get the best deals we can. But spending all our money as it comes in, does make me nervous. It means our petrol, food and spending money will be reliant on savings and on selling our car and bike and on our holiday payouts. None of those things are guaranteed, so we are going to have to work hard to make sure they come through.

Also, my dog Toby and my cat Izzy, who I am going to miss more than words can even explain, were going to be staying with my older sister while we were away, and if that fell through, Courtney's sister was going to stay with them in our house (which we wouldn't keep otherwise). Both of those options fell through this week, with my sisters partner getting transferred to Queenstown for work, and Courtney's sister deciding to move home and save while we're away. I'm sure we have other options but for the moment I'm a little stressed. If by 'a little' you mean 'out of my mind'.

I'm really happy for the decisions our sisters have made so now I need to focus on both the exciting parts of planning our trip, and a solution for my fur-children. Giving them to new owners is not an option, and I wouldn't have planned the trip if I thought that would happen. We will find an alternative, even if I need a loan to pay for them to stay at Pets in the City, because those animals mean more to me than anything.

Disneyland, focus on Disneyland.