Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Bliss That Wasn't

So last weekend was my birthday, which you all know about, and you also all know that I was quite sick at the time as well. So being under the weather put me in what can only be described as a Bliss rut.


Remember how I pencilled in the things on my Bliss List to try and make it easier? On Monday I wrote 'Elvis' and planned on watching my favourite Elvis movie. Courts and I were both homesick however, and it just didn't happen - in no small part because Courts hates Elvis!

We veged on the couch all day and watched Slumdog Millionaire for the first time. It wasn't as epic as I expected, after all the hype that surrounded it when it was new. I also had no idea it was a movie about 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' and for some reason I thought it was based on a true story, which it's not. Still a cool movie though. I spent some of the day blogging and tweeting (still getting the hang of that one) but over all it wasn't a good day. I hate wasted days where you could get so much done but your body won't let you!


Tuesday we went back to work. I had written 'Barefeet', intending to take Toby around the park, but we worked until 7pm and then, still feeling the affects of my illness, I returned my behind to it's dent in the couch cushion and veged.

Strawberries Soul Buddies and Inner Circle

Wednesday I had written 'Strawberries', having hoped to get some late season berries at the Farmer's Market the previous Sunday. Being sick that day though meant we hadn't gone, and I ended up doing nails for Courtney's sister as well as Squish and Soul Buddy. Not an entirely lost day since I got to see my nearest and dearest, but again not to plan.


Thursday I had written 'Musicals' intending on watching Sound of Music. I love Sound of Music! I remember watching it for the first time when I was all of about six or seven. Mum had video taped it off TV and we fast-forwarded through the ads. Guess what didn't happen though? You guessed it. We worked until 7pm again that night I think and the rest of the evening got sucked into the black hole of Rut.

Moschino Perfume

Friday I had written 'Moschino Perfume' but alas, I forgot to put any on, which is really unlike me. I also ended up doing nails that night so I couldn't fill in the night with other things on the challenge list.

Tattoos and Piercings Markets and the Long Haired Boy

And so this brings us to the weekend. Saturday I had written 'tattoos and piercings' and despite our lack of funds I had thought to get something small with the money I make from nails. Just because I love tattoos and I haven't had one in what feels like forever! They make me feel good. If you have one, you understand the addiction I'm sure. Earlier in the week however we found out that Courtney's bike needed $600 worth of repairs and out the window went the tattoo.

Saturday was still to be saved! Courts and I went out to the Farmer's Markets in Parnell for our weekly breakfast date. Parnell markets were bigger but I have to say I like Britomart better. On the bright side we sat at the next table over from Anika Moa and her wife so I had a little star struck moment while I tried to figure out if it was really her. The dimples gave it away, I love Anika Moa.

After the Markets, Courts had to head to work, but I had a really productive day, posting off some Trade Me items, doing the groceries and cleaning the house. The powers that be are trying to tell me something though, because for the third time I went to VTNZ to sit my theory test for my Motorcycle Learners License and for the third time for some reason I couldn't do it. This time it was because I bought the wrong papers with me and didn't have proof of my address.

Trees Good Food and the Long Haired Boy

Lastly, today. I had written down 'Trees' and I thought it would be nice to walk through Hunua or the Waitakere Ranges with Courts. We ended up shopping for Europe bits and pieces though, which was still nice. Tonight, he's taking me to dinner at Portofino's, for my late birthday celebration. I can't wait - that's Good Food ticked off the list at least! The rest shall happen another day.

Tomorrow is a fresh start. I am determined to start the week rut-less. What do you do to pick yourself up after a set back? What the last thing you did that would have made your Bliss List?

PS. Trying out this new fandangled commenting software type jobby below. Try it out for me would you? :) xx