Sunday, March 27, 2011


I have made a marginal improvement on last weeks Bliss Fail. I don't know what's going on, but I totally need to step up my game.

Oh how I love thee. In order to drown out some of the voices around me on Monday, I set all my rock music on shuffle. I came to the conclusion that Janes Addiction, Motley Crue and Skid Row, although not all technically Glam Rock, would make the perfect love child. Such a band would no doubt have super powers, do only good (except when causing trouble, which I also love) and take over the world. I often wonder why I'm drawn to this music more than any other genre, or Courts is drawn to Power Metal or Soul Buddy loves Pop. I think I need my music to have an edge - with the exception of Bubblegum Pop with cheesy lyrics and zero edges, but that's just for fun. But as a sometime-singer I also need it to have melody and a really good hook. Anyway, who doesn't love a man in platform heels and eyeliner? Erm.
Tuesday: Nail Art Inner Circle

 I was going to do my nails up all fancy but then we ended up going to see the photos we had taken the other week. Again, Mum, my sister and her boyfriend, Courtney and I all piled into the room with the poor lady from You Photography and eliminated the last of the photos. They're damn expensive but they did turn out amazing. The lady said she wishes she had families like us in for photos all the time but I think that was just a way to keep us on her side. We're pretty much the Osbournes without the dogs and drugs - unfiltered, honest, quick-witted and insync.
All dolled up

Wednesday: Cold Beer

So I thought since I haven't really had a drink since I've been sugar free, that to cross 'Cold Beer' off the list I'd take my Long Haired Boy on a dinner date to the pub. Instead, I did three sets of nails that booked in that day. At least I love my nail girls! The pub will wait.

Thursday: Band Paraphernalia

So as much as I continually profess to hate clutter, I also love knick knacks. More than anything I love being surrounded by things I love. If I can't have the bands, I shall have pretty things with their faces on them. My favourite piece of band paraphernalia is the custom portrait of Slash I had painted. His set list is on my wall. I have t-shirts, handbags (OK, one, a Nirvana one, but I'm just not a handbag girl), skirts, books, posters... bliss. Except that I was going to spend some time surfing Etsy for new cute things and instead we worked from 8.30am right through until 10pm. This will all be worth it when I buy European band paraphernalia.

Friday: Singing in the Car

So we were on the bike but I still sang. It's not quite the same as being on my own and singing at the top of my voice because I'm conscious that Courtney can hear me! It's not like he hasn't heard me sing before, but you kind of feel like you're in your own little world inside your helmet and it's weird when people interrupt.
Saturday: Moscato

The big ride on Friday was a trip down to Napier for the weekend to visit Courts family. As I said, I haven't really had anything alcoholic to drink this year, ever since going sugar free, but I love Moscato. It's the best wine ever made and if you haven't had it, start with the Brown Brothers or Jacobs Creek versions first. So in Napier, I bought a bottle and had a glass of it's sugary goodness. This glass constituted my one cheat for the week and it was so worth it.

On a side note, everyone got given personalised coffee cups on Friday at work and although I don't drink coffee, they had fancy hot chocolate mix if you wanted it. I made one up using only half the recommended amount of powder, intending to treat myself since I miss out on so many donut-shaped treats at work. 2 or 3 sips later I tipped it out, because I just didn't want it anymore. So weird for me but so successful for sugar-free! Later in the day there was a giant mudcake in the lunch room and I didn't touch it. I don't even know myself anymore.

Sunday: Long Drives

Today we head back to Auckland and this time I'm driving up with Natalie in her brand new car. She has her Learners License so we are going to take turns, I'm so excited for her! There's nothing better than that first taste of freedom.

So, what's the best thing you did this week?