Sunday, March 13, 2011

Two Weeks of Bliss - Challenge Entry Two

Two more Bliss weeks have passed and I was so full of things to tell you about Melbourne that I haven't had a chance to wrap them up for you yet. So in the last 2 weeks, I've been blissed out on the following.

My Long Haired Boy and our Furbabies!
Monday of the first week we decided we needed some time to ourselves. We got fish n chips on the way home from work and ate them in front of the TV, completely home alone. I don't remember the last time we did that! Then we went to bed at 7.30pm and veged out in front of The Switch, cuddled up with each other and our furboys. I love having nothing to do other than be with Courts and to top it off I love the look on Toby's face when he's truly happy. He's so easy to please and a cuddle with Mum and Dad is damn near the top of his Bliss list I'm sure. PS. The Switch was full of plotline holes and as a movie it was rubbish, but if you're a Jen Aniston fan and want to be entertained and relaxed, it's worth a watch.


Not a very interesting one, and I get so much more Bliss from an afternoon nap than a normal night, but at the end of a 14 hour shift, sleep is all I need.

Seeing the World

We all know the details of my trip to Melbourne but I just love the feeling of adventure and new experiences and the unknown and living!

'Nuff said.

Sex, Drugs n Rock n Roll.

Not necessarily literally! I love the vibe of the idea of sex, drugs n rock n roll. It's a lifestyle, its a movement, and as much as I might love any or all of the individual components, it's about more than that. And I got it at Soundwave.

Long drives

Last weekend Courts and I decided to take a sunny afternoon and drive out to Pokeno, 45 min ride south of Auckland. If you haven't been privy to it's wonders, Pokeno is a tiny town in Waikato known for little more than it's Ice Cream store. They have 40 flavours, and scoops are super cheap. Plus you can buy 11 scoop cones if you really want a challenge! I used up my one-cheat-a-week on a scoop of Mochachino Ice Cream, followed by hot chips shared with Courts. There was a cold breeze blowing away the sunshine before it could reach us, but it was nice to take a time out and do something different.

Monday I worked late, till 9pm, and I was exhausted afterwards. No bliss.

Tuesday Mum, my sister and her boyfriend, me and Courts, went to check out the results of our photo shoot the other week. We ate at Wagamama's Newmarket beforehand and then spent an hour or so going through photos and choosing the ones we want to keep. The reason I loved it though was because we had so much fun together, bantering and joking back and forth. Not often we're all together at the same time.


Wednesday I treated myself to a Pilates session. I used to go 4 times a week and I LOVE Pilates. I stopped when I became single before I was with Courts, out of a need to save money and also because I wasn't in the right headspace to do anything but watch Shortland Street and eat chocolate. I miss it though, and if it weren't for saving for Europe I'd be back there, 4 times a week again.
I go to Absolute Pilates in Newton, Auckland and I'm loyal to the studio! The best instructors are Sam and Asho - Sam for a mean work out and a real burn, and for the best communication of methods to beginners. Asho for intense relaxation and stretching that opens you up. In saying that, I think finding the right instructor is very personal, you need someone that you click with, to get the most out of their instruction. The other instructors have years and years of experience, but if I had one of them instead of Sam for my first ever class, I probably wouldn't have gone back. That's no reflection on their skills as instructors but on my learning style and preferences.

Pilates is amazing, if at first you don't succeed, try another instructor! And do it at Absolute Pilates. I wish I could go back sooner! The receptionist recognised me straight away, as did Asho, which was really awesome. It made me feel welcome and not at all like 'that girl that quit'.

Inner Circle
'Inner Circle' is how I refer to my closest friends, the ones who stick by through thick and thin and go the distance. Thursday was monthly movie night at Monty and Nurse B's. Once again they impressed with their cooking and we watched Monkey Business, a 1931 film with the Marx brothers. I loved it, such a good movie! The humour still translates today. And of course the company wasn't half bad either!

Random Acts of Kindness

My older sister is moving to Queenstown in a month or so and is packing packing packing. It means we haven't caught up lately and I miss her! We didn't grow up together and have only known each other properly for a few years but it doesn't feel like that. She's family in every sense, we get on awesome, and I love her to pieces along with her partner and my 2 nephews. Anyways, Friday night on the way home from work, we muffin-bombed them! Like a photo-bomb, where you duck into the background of someones photo without them knowing... we ran up to her doorstep and left muffins to help with the packing.

Mini Skirts

OK, actually not mini skirts, daisy-duke shorts. Both make me equally happy, it's just that it's Mini-Skirts that are on the Bliss List. I'm not a big fan of pants, but only to the point that I prefer short shorts or mini skirts. I don't know why! That's just how I'm most comfortable. So I spent the whole weekend in daisy-dukes.

Mexican Food... oh and Birthdays, Inner Circle, Soul Buddy, Squish and Long Haired Boy.
Did I mention that this weekend is my birthday?! The big 2-5. One of my bestest oldest friends is five years older than me almost to the day, his birthday is the day before mine, and so we celebrated together Saturday night with a Mexican Fiesta! We had potluck Mexican - enchiladas, tacos, burritos, chili, quesadillas, and chilli chocolate! Only problem was that I had come home from Muffin-Bombing on Friday really sick. I think I have a virus, I had the whole body-ache, weak, tired thing going on and a very weak stomach to match. The company was awesome and the night was really fun, I just wish I'd been able to enjoy the food! Mum brought over streamers, we had Mexican music, I saw one of my oldest friends for the first time in months (she's back from 7 months working in India) and the entire Inner Circle was there. Loved it!