Monday, March 14, 2011

Welcome to my Humble Abode...

It's less than two months now before we move into Monty and NurseB's house. We've only been in this place a year, and it certainly has its downfalls. The area isn't great, but I chose the house for the massive backyard it offers Toby. The biggest downfall about the house is the ants. We have tried everything, filled every gap and tried every (pet-safe) poison. But they come in droves, and you can trace their paths to every corner of the property as they disappear down the street. For this reason alone, I would have moved, even though I love my house.

It is ridiculously warm, and although the wood panelling turned me off at first, it feels cosy and homely. Everything from my furniture down to my knick knacks has a place, and the backyard is perfect for Toby. It's not too close to a main road and Izzy has plenty to explore. Alas, we are selling up most of our stuff pre-Europe. It's quite exciting, because I LOVE a good clean out, but it's also sad, because these possessions have defined me in a lot of ways - I bought the majority of my furniture when I first moved out of home at 19.

There has been glass smashed into the couch at out-of-control parties, drinks spilled on the tables, naughty puppies scratching cabinets and general disregard by (some) irresponsible flatmates. In contrast - there have been some amazing times. Sitting around the dining table in the sun playing cards and having a drink with Squish, sing-a-longs with my beautiful musician friends strumming guitar while even the shyest of visitors can't help but join in. Countless roast dinners shared with the kindest (and some of the not-so-kindest) people in the world. There have been fights, tears, relief, grief, joy and laughter, and love, lots of love. And each memory I have of these emotions, has one of these objects under, over or around us. So, as we start packing and selling, I thought I would share my home with you.

This is what I live and love in.
Knick knacks, each with a story. The guitars (there are 3) are copies of Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and a GnR tribute model. The elephant is from my first trip to Melbourne, the Hippo bought back from Africa by a neighbour when I was about 9, the Eiffel Tower bought back from France by my Nana and the cigar box came from my Great-Grandma's house I think

I love being surrounded by piles of books!

Courtney and my guitars (with his bike boots he never puts away ;P)

Toby's 'room', apple tree, feijoa tree, and a dog house only the cat uses.

Our lounge, with a custom pop art painting of Slash by the lovely BeautifulGlow on Etsy

The back deck, where we have the BBQ and view of the yard. The gnome came to live with us after a drunken party many years ago. He likes it there!

The front yard, carefully monitored by the boss

As much as the clutter frustrates me, I love my perfume bottles. Moschino all the way!

My favourite corner of my bedroom. Audrey, books, bikes, my childhood teddy and a golly my Nana made for me to take round the world.

Again, every item in these pictures has a story, soon to be packed in boxes. The picture is a cross stitch copy of a photo of Toby's sister Holly, who passed away a couple years ago.

My dining table is a collage of my last big trip overseas, to America. That one was only ONE month though!

Our kitchen, the bear shaped cookie jar was in the kitchen when I was a child too.


Samantha Sotto-Yambao said...

Hi, Penny! It's my first time here. I enjoyed the "tour" of your home. I LOVE the collage on the dining table :)


Penny said...

Welcome! I'm so glad you found me and enjoyed my post :) I'm going to miss that collage when I have to pack it all up to head overseas!

vegemitevix said...

When I did the backpacking thing all those years ago (about 20!) I carried a notebook with pix and jottings and special things with me. I guess these days you can pretty much carry all that stuff on your iphone! I too love the photos on the dining room table. When do you leave?

Penny said...

That's a really good idea, and conveniently enough I just got a really nice notebook for my birthday too! :D Do you still have it?

We leave 9 June, still ages to go! We move out of our house 7 May though :)

vegemitevix said...

Actually I do have the notebook along with the journals I've kept for the past twenty years! By the way hun, I've tagged you in a meme over at my blog -

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