Monday, April 11, 2011

Bliss, Oh So Much Bliss

Last week was a major Bliss fail. Not only did I not have time to do any of the Bliss list things I had planned but in writing about it for you guys I realised how much of what used to make me happy is now missing from my life. Sunday Roast, for example, which I missed out on last Sunday. It was a weekly thing that we all loved and it fell to the wayside for Europe savings. My friends and I used to have impromptu barbeque's and we used to party every weekend. Our flatmates were our family and we spent a lot of our time together.

I don't want every aspect of that life back. I don't want to drink to excess every weekend although I would like to experience live music more, like we used to. I did love impromptu barbeque's and I want our next house to be as social as the last one was. I loved that my friends knew the door was always open. As much as I loved having a flat-family (I have a tattoo in honour of it), I don't want my stuff broken by people with no connection to the value of it, and I'm ready to stop doing the dishes of people that don't rinse!

After the upset of realising how disconnected I have become from the 'old me', this week was one of the best I've had in a long time. And I barely met anything scheduled either.

Monday: Audrey Hepburn Wrestlemania

So I love and adore Audrey and her movies. My house is filled with Audrey memorabilia. But she fell wayside for something about as opposite to her glamour and class as you can possibly get - WWE. The afternoons prior to Sunday Roast generally followed on from the hangover left behind by Saturday night. Roast attendees would filter in and collapse on beanbags as we all watched the WWE omnibus and chatted mindlessly. Love it or hate it, WWE is entertaining. No, it's not real. Yes, it is scripted. But so is every soap opera you enjoy, and that's all it is. I've watched the wrestling only a handful of times since I moved into this house a year ago. It left my life with the demise of Sunday Roast and the entry of Courts, who can't stand it.

On Monday, Squish, Lobster, Wozz and I organised a semi-impromptu get together for the annual Wrestlemania show. We had been thinking about it but hadn't done anything about it. I fit in a nail client before it started and then we settled in with popcorn and Sprite Zero and watched the drama unfold. We placed pointless bets on each match and, as happens every year, I fell asleep before it ended. The point though, is that I fell asleep surrounded by some of my best friends, enjoying each others company and hanging out, just like old times'. Say what you will about WWE, this was Bliss.

Tuesday: Grace Kelly

One of my other favourite actresses of all time is Grace Kelly. I planned to introduce Courts to her and Hitchcock at the same time, with the movie that got me hooked on her, Rear Window. It wasn't to be though, as I did three nail clients and then we collapsed. I love my nail girls so it wasn't a bad night, just not Grace. I shall look forward instead to setting foot in Monaco in a few months time, where she became Princess after marrying Prince Rainier.

Wednesday: Guitar Soul Buddies

When I first picked up a guitar, I loved playing and I picked it up quickly. I could have been really good, but one day I stopped. It's now one of those things I always mean to start doing again but it never quite happens. This time, it at least fell to the wayside for a very special lady, whose birthday it is today, and whom I love very much. Instead of buying each other birthday presents, Soul Buddy and I went on a date to see the premiere of Just Go With It. Armed with free bubbles and goody bags we sat through one of the funniest movies I've seen in a loooong time. Jennifer Aniston cops a lot of flack at the box office and in reviews but she is gold when paired with a male comic such as Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty. This time she was with Adam Sandler and the movie was awesome. You have to see it! Although you won't have as much fun because you won't be with Soul Buddy. Bliss!

Thursday: Elvis

Poor old Courts was on late shifts last week and had used his lunch break to take me home for nails Monday and Tuesday and my date Wednesday. He is a very nice boy, you see! On Thursday I stayed back at work with him and did some overtime. Elvis was neglected in favour of grumpy customers, but at least I got to chill out with my Long Haired Boy afterwards.

To be continued...