Friday, April 8, 2011

63 Sleeps!

Tomorrow is the 9th of April. We leave on the 9th of June so that marks 2 months to go! Everything is starting to happen quickly now. I have given notice to cancel our power, phone and insurance. I've also given notice on our house which is scary! The house itself is full of piles of stuff for Trade Me and piles of boxes for storage.

A few big ticket items sold this week. My iPod and phone, replaced by the beautiful HTC Desire we will use for a myriad of services in Europe, went to a new owner yesterday, as did my laptop. My laptop! I have an HP Mini that will be coming with us, but boy will I miss that little machine. Our lives are becoming more and more compact by the day, which I like.
Izzy helping to pack!

Courtney's big screen TV is about to go to a workmate after a very strict agreement was made between us that he gets to upgrade his computer monitor on our return! This is fine with me, because to be honest I don't think we will miss the TV at all. The only programmes we watch are ones we record, and if they weren't recorded we wouldn't feel obligated to watch. We do watch a few movies, but that's the idea behind the big computer monitor. 
Izzy will be on his way to Aunty Soul Buddy's house in a matter of weeks. He's moving before we do to avoid too much confusion for the two animals. We don't want Toby the dog to freak out that Izzy got lost in the move - because he would! - so we will take him with us to drop Izzy off and let him visit a couple times to see he's really there. A week or so later, we will move to Monty's house and Toby can get used to a whole new set of friends - Jimmy the dog and Njaro and Dee, the cats. Poor Tobes thought we were out of the kitten stage but he'll have another think coming when he meets little Njaro!

Part of preparing for the animals to move is ordering new collar tags for them and stocking up on flea and worming treatments. I ordered the new tags yesterday - it's all real now. I'm more than a little attached to my animals so I get really sad thinking about not having Izzy in just a few weeks.

It all equals one step closer to fulfilling our dreams though, and we'll be back before we know it. Any tips on settling the animals in with new families?