Friday, May 6, 2011

And then there were 34

34 Days to go. ONE MONTH! Tomorrow, we officially move to Monty and Nurse B's house. And the best bit? Izzy is coming with us. As you know, we had a bit of an emotional weekend. I spent much of Monday in zombie mode, stressed to the max and just a little bit down in general. I didn't know where Izzy was going to go and I felt terrible about Soul Buddy having to deal with the whole mess. SB in turn felt terrible that she had let me down, although I don't feel in the slightest like she has, more that I let her down by relying on her so much.

Poor little Izzy, I feel so bad that he has to deal with all this confusion. At least he will have Toby back and he will have us. I don't think it will phase him living with a new dog and cat as well. SB pointed out that having grown up with Toby, Izzy doesn't behave like a cat. He thinks he's a dog, and his dog-like behaviour intimidated SB's cats while their cat-like behaviour confused Izzy. I just feel terrible that he has to be uplifted again. Once we get to Monty and Nurse B's, we will keep Iz segregated to one room for a week so that he settles really well before even exploring the house. As much as he will hate being stuck in one room (he's a hunter and explorer) I think it will be better for him in the long run.

So that's where we are at. MOVING DAY! The last of our bits and pieces will go into storage and we will begin living out of a suitcase. It will be nice to say goodbye to our bed, which I hate. It was advertised on Trade Me as Queen sized and medium firmness and turned out to be double and an extremely hard mattress when we got it home. Bye-bye horrible bed!

Bye-bye warm house that needs little heating. Bye-bye rubbish water pressure. Good bye ridiculously annoying and un-conquerable ant infestation. Bye feijoa tree and apple tree. Bye nasty kids that fight in the street. Good bye ugly wooden walls that somehow make it feel like home. That's it really isn't it? Good bye to the last 'home' we will have for 5 months. We will redefine home. Home is love and adventures and tents and motorcycles. Bring it on.