Sunday, May 22, 2011

Are you Living Your Dream Life? Part Five: Soul Buddy!

This week I am honoured to have my own darling Soul Buddy guest posting. This makes me warm and fuzzy. I also love her more now than I did before.

Who are you and what is your life like now?

Hi fellow DIBF Lovers, you may have read about me once or thrice, for my name is Soul Buddy. Who am I? I am the Queen of Fluffers, who lives a very content life with Mister Soul Buddy, and am lucky to be the soul buddy to our Blog Queen. My life is pretty great really, I can’t complain a whole lot. I am very fortunate to have found the Most Amazing Love to share my life with (and gotten to marry him) I have the best parents in the world, my own little home full of my own little things, all lined up just the way I like them. I also am lucky to have a little group of pick of the crop, drama free, proper friends, and 3 (soon to be 4) fur babies.

I do still complain though, I complain constantly about my weight – yet never do enough to make a difference, and as 70% of the working population, I do like to complain about my job.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love my job most of the time, it has its perks and has gotten me into the Recruitment Industry which I genuinely enjoy. It takes me no more than 15 minutes to get to and from, no one cares if I’m late, or take a bit too long browsing the shops at lunch time, my boss is supportive, yet cheeky, and I have a small team of girls I can have a laugh or a bitch with. 

This all sounds pretty cool, but it doesn’t leave me feeling particularly satisfied. I had (I suppose it hasn’t gone anywhere) the potential to do great things with my career, great marks all through school and all that, but I dropped out of school the second I turned 16 as it was making me miserable. I was promptly accepted into a pre-degree course at one of our universities here in the big smoke, in the hopes that I could continue my education in the field of business and not have to suffer being at school for 2 more years. 

Of course this didn’t happen as I found the amazing world of being responsible for your own actions! No one at Uni cares if you don’t turn up everyday, no one rings your mother or locks you in a class room with the delinquents at lunch time. This was freedom! Soon enough I ended up leaving with no qualifications and a sizeable student loan, and ended up in full time employment, earning a whopping $285 a week as a receptionist, and so began my working life. In the last 8 years I have drifted from reception to admin, customer service to sales and have found myself in a junior recruitment position, assisting with anything and everything to a recruitment team in a big boring company. Crikey, 8 years of drifting sounds like a long time doesn’t it.

I am quite the optimist though, and I genuinely believe everything happens for a reason. The reason that I have gained no formal qualifications and spent 8 years doing nothing important, is that I simply haven’t figured out what I want to do yet. If I had stuck to it, and gotten myself a business degree, I genuinely believe that I would find myself in the same predicament I am in now…but with a pretty certificate on my wall. Now that I am writing this I realise that I probably wouldn’t have been able to buy a house with Mister Soul Buddy at the age of 20.

What would you do all day, week or year if you were living your dream life?

So, I think it is time to move on and focus on the next question. What would I do all day if I were living my dream life. Dream life (and I’m seriously dreaming here) for me probably consists of swanning around in a spanking charcoal M Class Benz or BMW X6, running errands, shopping for gorgeous things, managing renovations, lunching, going to Pilates, and being generally fabulous. I don’t care how shallow that makes me sound, feel free to judge me! 

Now, to think about an actual dream life. I want to be someone. I want to be a something. Right now I am nothing in particular other than support for a team, some even call me an administrator which makes my skin crawl and not only because that’s not actually just my job. Even Births Deaths and Marriages didn’t recognise my job title as a “real job” when I applied for a marriage licence, how depressing! I digress, I want to be a something, I want a job that defines me in some ways, I want to be able to say “oh I am A (insert title here)”, a nurse, a psychologist, a lawyer, a chef. I don’t actually want to be any of these things, but hopefully you get what I am rambling on about. 

I also want to do something where I can see people, face to face interaction, but not work alone or from home. A job where people can make appointments to see me at my office, or where I can go and visit people during the day. There is nothing more motivating when you are feeling like you could pull a sicky, to know that you actually have people counting on you for something.

What would your job be? Why would it make you happy?

For a long time, at least a couple of years, I have been fascinated by the body, and nutrition, and how what you eat has its consequences, and how it ACTUALLY works, and why junk food is addictive and how eating sugar or vegetables can ACTUALLY increase or decrease your chances of getting cancer. 

So this fascination, teamed with it being A something, as well as being the kind of job that people make appointments to see you, seeing people face to face, getting out and about during the day and having real satisfaction when you help people do amazing things and turn their lives around, makes me want to be a nutritionist. I like it. I think we have come to a conclusion, I also think I have answered why it would make me so happy.

So what's stopping you?

So here is the hard one, or the easiest one, depending on how you look at it I suppose….what is stopping me. Well, firstly I do believe you require some formal qualifications to become a nutritionist, This I do not have……Ok so apparently that is the only thing stopping me.

The problem is, I work full time, earn a salary package in the late 40’s and roughly 80% of it goes solely to the mortgage repayments for the Soul Buddy household. This I cannot give up. Literally. It’s not a just case of living on baked beans and making ends meet while I quit my job and live off the government, it would be a case of selling my precious peachy home and asking wonderful Mister Soul Buddy to sacrifice his hard earned lifestyle for me. He is in his late 20s, works hard, like HARD, up to 80 hours all over Australasia, and what makes all his hard work, weird hours, and being away from home most of the week, is that the money is good. And with that, we can afford to balance it out by travelling a bit, owning our home and a few big boys (and girls) toys.

Basically my options are a) work hard at the little career I have already begun, jump out of my comfort zone, and keep on doing something I love doing (perhaps in a new company!) and use what my Momma gave me to create my own success. Or b) spend the next 10 years using all my spare time (and money) completing assessments. Hmmm, while I love the idea of going to labs and learning all about science, I do not love the idea of juggling a household, a job and intense study all at once while worrying about money and never being able to go shoe shopping.

The shoes have it; this is my plan, stop fluffing and put effort into making a successful career where I can properly contribute financially to my household. Watch this space!

Thanks so much my lovely Soul Buddy for contributing to the Dream Life series! 

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Are you living your Dream Life?