Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Back to the Future - London, England: Part Two

Back to the beginning. Well, almost.

Where we are staying

Journey’s Greenwich West (Hostel)
How long? 2 nights
How much? €27.90 per night (2 adults) 
Check in? 2pm but we will get there around 6pm, having travelled from France and dropped the bike off in Bournemouth on the way.
Check out? 10am. We don’t have to check into our flight home until 8.55pm so hopefully they have a luggage store.
Why we chose it? Free Breakfast, free Wi-fi, and it will be our second time in London so we thought it would be cool to stay in a completely different area. We will have stayed with Journey’s Hostels in Kings Cross the first time around and they look really good so we stuck with them and chose another branch. It will be cool to say we stood on the Greenwich Mean Time line.

What we want to see

Not a lot! We have tickets to see our second West End show, The Lion King, which I cannot wait for. I'm a little bit of a Musical Theatre Nerd and after spending many years hating on the movie (I'm not a big animal-movie fan) I couldn't resist seeing the show in Melbourne 6 years ago, if only for the stage and costumes. I loved it so much I chose it over anything else to see on Broadway 4 years ago, and this year the story is the same. Courtney chose Wicked, which we're seeing at the start of our trip, and over everything else I could choose to see at the end, I chose Lion King. It is the most epic stage show that ever existed.

Other than that, I want to stand on the Mean Time line in Greenwich and that's about it.

What we are expecting

I'm expecting to be ready to go home. If we had been gone longer, I think we would have travelled to the same number of places (maybe a couple more) but travelled slower. 4 months is do-able at this pace - it's nothing crazy - but I think we will be about ready to stop and chill for a bit. From Greenwich I'm expecting nothing special. The pictures I've seen don't call to me, and we won't have time to explore and fall in love, just 2 full days to revisit the best of what we saw the first time. I'm expecting it to be even more gray and with a bite in the air as it heads into autumn. I think from the buildings and streets I've seen in pictures I'm expecting Coronation Street! Oh dear. Fingers crossed we make it to this point without any major disasters along the way.