Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Stop and Smell the Roses - Cherbourg, France

Second to last stop! Honey, we're comin' home!

Where we are staying

Camping L'Anse du Brick (Campsite)
How long? 1 night
How much? €23.30 per night (2 adults, small tent, 1 motorbike) 
Check in? 2pm but we will get there around 5pm, having done a 7 hour ride from Avallon.
Check out? Not specified, but we have to check into our ferry (I think the terminal is only 15-30 minutes away) at 10.30am to get back to Bournemouth to drop off the bike and all the way back to London before bed.
Why we chose it? 10km to the Cherbourg ferry we have to catch in the morning, set on a hillside overlooking the bay, heated pool and water slide, pictures look amazing!

What we want to see

The backs of our eyelids! The day we travel here is Courtney's birthday and it's a huge day of travelling, so the next day we are going to stop and celebrate. We fell in love with this campsite when we first saw it and it's really close to the ferry terminal for our trip back to the UK as well. We have one full day (being that day after Courts birthday) to enjoy it and while at the tail end of Summer the pool will be closed and a lot of the life of the campsite will have left till next year, we're going to make the most of the nearby beach and forest - there is plenty of exploring to be done, and a lot of resting! Whatever Courtney wants, Courtney shall get. Within reason.

What we are expecting

I'm expecting it to be cold, ever since I heard that the pool would be shutting down a week before we arrive. I'm almost expecting it to be like a desert town, but I'm also expecting it to be awesome to just stop and enjoy each others company for a day with no one else around. I'm also expecting an awesome view. And a lot of sleep.